The role and importance of Author tag on content

htmlGoogle has recently started to actively support the author tag in HTML, and many content creators have enthusiastically followed suit with adding this to their websites. While the author tag is meta, meaning it will not be seen, it does have a dramatic affect on SEO and other aspects of building yourself up online. If you want to know how this tag affects your website, then read on.

In the past, scraper sites had the ability to outrank the original content. A scraper site is one that takes content from other websites and posts it without attribution, stealing the rankings and profits.

By using the author tag, you are telling Google that you are the first to make this content. So when scraper sites steal your content, Google will compare it to the version that has an author tag, and it will understand that you are the original owner. This keeps the scraper from appearing above you in the results page.

Authorship Credibility
Anyone can say they produced an article online, but there are few ways of proving that someone is the original writer or not. However, if you implement the author tag, this easily adds credibility to your claims. This is best for offline content producers, like journalists and magazine writers, that want to build up a credible source of content and past work.

Personal Brand Building
Getting people to know who you are can often lead to more assignments or higher paying gigs. Normally the Internet is a place where personal branding for writers is hard to achieve, because it is difficult to really get people acquainted with your name.

By using the author tag, you can easily switch this around. Google will make it easy for people to see who wrote the content, especially if you have a Google+ account. If you want to build yourself up as an authority writer, then definitely start using the author tag to syndicate your name around the Internet.

Find Your Content
Many online writers put their content up for syndication, which means that other websites can freely post the content if they add a link back to the original source. By using the author tag, you can easily find where your content has posted online, which can be interesting and useful. You can make sure that no unsavory websites are using your articles, and you can also find authority pages that have considered your content worthy enough to fill its ranks.

The author tag only takes a second to make, and it can make a big difference for your content career. If you are serious about producing content online, you should definitely start using this tag. Otherwise, you may suffer the consequences of having scrapers beat your content, and it can be much harder to market yourself online.

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